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Henry Browne

The decision to implement a web-site of the highest calibre to promote, our Accredited matrimonial and family law practice was not a difficult one; but considerable thought had to be given to commissioning a company that could satisfy our requirements.

We are specialists and have adopted a unique approach to servicing clients, who invariably find themselves in difficult or sensitive situations. It was therefore, imperative that our web-site conveyed this message and so to speak our “look and feel”. Every aspect was to be finely balanced as the site had to be visually impressive and of substance; professional and welcoming with appropriate content and user friendly.

I am delighted to say that we made the right decision to entrust the Internet Centre with this project. Your excellent work has produced our web-site, which others have highly commended. I was especially impressed that you devoted time to understanding us, our service ethos and needs before embarking on establishing the site. I was equally impressed by your receptiveness to our ideas and your accessibility. You have also afforded us continuity because you host our web-site.

We are proud of our site and are regularly reminded that we ought to be, when enquirers compliment it. We do not hesitate in referring those enquirers to you and shall continue to promote and encourage interest in your services whenever the opportunity arises.

Angela Henry, HenryBrowne Solicitors


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