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Auto Industry

I am pleased to respond to your request for an assessment of how the customer relationship with DTI has evolved since The Internet Centre first bid to work on the Auto Industry site in 1999. I remember our satisfaction when we achieved 10,000 monthly visitors the following year and thinking this would be about the extent of the market. As you know, the target we set for 2006/07 was 150,000 users and this was duly achieved.

Over the years, you have worked with us to grow Auto Industry from one site with limited functionality to a family of customised websites that serve different user groups but with common features, news stories and database information. I have been particularly impressed with two aspects of the relationship during that time. The first is the flexibility of your people and your proprietary technology, which has allowed us to introduce features such as the dynamic charts in the statistics section that we could only have dreamed of at the outset.

The second is the total confidentiality with which you have kept our data. This gave us the confidence to award you the contract to create a management system for our Supply Chain Groups programme, which requires the DTI to hold commercially confidential information on several hundred UK automotive companies. We have had no operational concerns at all during this contract and you have also demonstrated the integrity of your systems to the satisfaction of our IT security department. It is also worth noting that you provide the DTI Birmingham office with secure e-mail facilities for our official communications.

Finally, I would like to mention my appreciation for the way you and your staff take the time to really understand the our needs and the business objectives we are trying to achieve. This has made development of the sites a genuinely shared process, rather than just a statement of requirements leading to a quotation. Many of the features we now offer arose from proactive suggestions by you or your team and our users have undoubtedly benefited as a result.

Francis Evans, DTI Automotive Unit


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